The Independent Electricity Generators Association Incorporated (IEGA) represents more than 40 regional electricity generation businesses.

Our members operate local hydro and geothermal power stations, wind farms and co-generation plants, some of them in partnership with local government (See map attached).

More than 95% of the power supplied locally by our members is renewable, making a material contribution to government’s 90% renewable energy climate change policy target. In Total local generation supplies 10% of New Zealand's electricity from more than  90 local power stations.

Many of these businesses are also community owned with a proud history of pioneering in the renewables industry and providing regional employment and growth.

The IEGA was first formed in October 2006 to share technical expertise and provide input to government policy and regulatory issues impacting their operations.

Meetings are held 2-3 times a year or more frequently if needed to ensure members are informed of important changes to the operating environment.  Subject matter experts are often invited to speak at these meetings.