Membership of the IEGA is open to anyone involved in small scale electricity generation that is connected to and supplying electricity to a local distribution network.  This includes owning an existing power plant, planning to invest in one or be a supplier or service provider to the sector. Current members include distribution companies, community trusts, irrigation companies and individuals. Please note that the IEGA is not an association for residential consumers with small-scale solar PV or wind generation that is primarily for own consumption.

The Constitution of the Independent Electricity Generators Association Incorporated is  available here.  

Benefits of membership

Members enjoy access to specialist and technical expertise and supplier benefits, and benefit from the combined weight of the sector’s views in dealing with Government policy makers and advisors.

The (password protected) members section of this website includes technical papers presented to Association meetings. It is also used to make available to members analytical papers on policy and regulatory issues and draft submissions on a range of issues the Government and its agencies are consulting on. Members can add their comments where indicated.

This brochure describes the benefits of being a member of the IEGA.

Membership fees

Under the Constitution every member is classified as a Generator or an Associate member. 

•       A Generator applies to owners or operators of distribution connected electricity generating facilities.

•       An Associate applies to individuals or entities that have an interest in the objectives of the Society.

The Constitution details a process for setting membership fees.  The fees have been structured to reflect the two types of members, namely the value of being a member is higher if you are a generator. 

The Committee has set the following fee structure:

Annual membership fee for all members:    $250

Plus Annual Levy for Generators:

For Generators with annual generation output of:

  • Less than or equal to 1GWh                   $750
  • Above 1GWh and up to 10 GWh            $1,000
  • 10GWh and above                                     $1,500

How to join

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